How Stereo Systems Work

Having a true stereo system, in your church’s sanctuary, is very good for providing a more sensible and enjoyable experience in worship. The term ‘stereo’, in Greek, means ‘solid’ and this is the reason why a stereo system is an important feature to have in your praise environment. It will provide a 3-D experience to your music and will also give the sound techs more freedom for special effects and mixing.

The Importance Of Stereo Systems

Ever notice when you are listening to a MP3 or CD, through headphones, that there are two different sounds coming through each of the phones. This is because, when the song was being mixed, the studio split selected tracks to go in the left channel and other tracks to go in the right and sometimes in both. This helps illustrate realistic effects on the listening experience and also enables the observer to distinctly hear all instruments. This same principle can be used when mixing sound at church.

How Do True Stereo System Work?

In order to achieve a true Stereo sound, the following must be in place:

A Stereo Soundboard

This is the least of your worries because most soundboards have left and right master outputs. However, most churches only use one of those outputs. Check to see if your soundboard has the ability to support stereo.

Two Separate Amps or a Multi-Channel Amp

This is where the change in your system will be to attain stereo. Most amplifiers, these days, have two separate channels. If this is the case with your amp(s) and only one of the two channels are being used for your masters; you can simply run another output from your soundboard (provided that it has left and right master outs).

Separate Speaker Channels

It is also likely that your church has more then one individual speaker. However the trick is to see if you are not running parallel feeds from one speaker to another. If this is the case, and both speakers are in fact feeding off of the same cable, then some installation of one other feed (from your amps to your speakers) maybe required.


Having a stereo system, in your praise environment, will help you achieve a pleasurable and much more realistic vibe in your worship. Through checking some of your church’s setup, you can discover if your church has the capabilities of a stereo system Check out this article, Using Stereo Systems To Your Advantage, for more information on what stereo systems can offer for your church.

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