Church Sound Training Articles

Welcome to the website. Here you will find interesting and informative articles on all sorts of church-sound related topics. Current topics include:

Audio Effects

Setup Audio Effects Learn how to setup audio effects through send and returns on your soundboard.

How Compressors Work - A compressor is a very essential part
of making your mix sound crisp and clear.

How Gates Work - Gates are a very useful tools to controlling
your mix and keeping your sound clear.

How Stereo Systems Work - Stereo sound is key for adding a realistic, 3D sound to your church's worship experience.

Using Stereo Systems To Your Advantage - Learn how to control your church's audio stereo system in advanced ways!

Soundboards (Mixers)

Different Types of Soundboards - Knowing which type of mixer to use in your churches setting is important for the knowledge of the operators and to the use of the equipment.

How Sub Channels Work - Having a good understanding on how to group instruments on your soundboard will help!

How Auxiliaries Work - Auxiliaries are used for supplying audio to stage monitors, audio sends and other recording devices.

Audio Levels - Knowing the audio levels in worship environments is important.

Safe Sound Pressure Levels - To be a responsible sound tech, all must know the safe levels and length exposed to the sound pressure levels.


How To Setup Monitors - Learn how to set up your monitors
in the most effective way.

In Ear Monitors - In ear monitors have become increasingly
popular in any venue with regular musical performances.

Wedge Style Monitors - Wedge monitors are great when
you need a fast and simple setup.


Different Types Of Microphones - Using Dynamic and Condenser
microphones for the right instruments is key.

Wireless Microphones - The pros and cons to wireless audio
systems and what you need to know before purchasing.

How To Mic The Drums - A Step by step guide to micing
the entire drum set.

How To Mic Electric Guitar Amps - How to set up and place
a microphone to ensure the best tone.

Microphone Stands - There are a few different types of microphone stands available and the use of them, in different applications, will help.


Hard Of Hearing Systems - Having a hearing system in all churches, will help those who need help hearing. There are different types of hearing systems, so make sure you know your church's needs.

Infrared Hearing Systems - IR hearing systems are great for sending additional sound to those who are in need of some hearing assistance.

How Power Amplifiers Work - The electrical process in between the audio signals that go from the soundboard to the speaker.

Using Headphones When Mixing - Learn the importance of mixing your church sound with headphones.

DI-Boxes - How to connect different instruments through DI-boxes.


Parts Of Microphone Cables - There are three main parts in microphone cables.

How To Properly Wrap Mic Cables - Learn how to maintain quality, clear signals through the right treatment and storage of mic cables.

What Are Audio Snakes - Know where it is best to place your audio snakes and the cost of them for your church.

Parts Of Audio Snakes - Understand the different parts to audio snakes and how they work.


Communication - It is very important to have the ability to communicate, both ways, between the soundboard and the stage.

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